Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Last Bookstore

Located in downtown L.A. on the corner of South Spring St., you can find this wonderful bookstore. The novelty of actually shopping for a book in a store is becoming something rare as I, like so many, have begun buying more novels online or in ebook form, because of price and convenience.  

So when I found out about the Last Bookstore, I knew I had to make a trip to check it out. The place is the perfect haven for a book lover, it's eclectic and artistic in design, with corners and shelves stacked in ways regular stores would never imagine. The purpose is always to lead the costumer/viewer back to the store's main product which of course is books.

 Now with books being the most important facet of the store, the place is filled with books in both new and used condition. The book selection is great, especially the classics, which is genre I'm always on the hunt for when visiting the store. So I have to keep a budget in mind or I'll end up buying a shelf's worth. 

But honestly my one of my favorite parts about the store is the way the books are set up. Yes, the store is in categories like any other book store, but the place also has sections where it's arranged by color  or in a unique pattern. Plus the book tunnel is always fun to go through on the second floor, even if you've been there 5 times before. Oh and there's unique trinkets here and there just to surprise you when you look about. The best part about the setup is they seem to change, probably based on the worker's whims, but it makes going to the store a unique experience every time you venture inside. 

Vault on first floor holding 1st Edition novels 

The Labyrinth, on the 2nd floor, definitely fun to wander through.

2nd floor vault which holds the Horror genre

This is the famous book tunnel and it is just as fascinating in person as it is in pictures.

These are the unique color patterns the books are sometimes shelved in, especially on the 2nd floor.

Just shelves after shelves of books to love.