Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dodger Game & Father's Day Weekend

This past Sunday was Father's, who doesn't love to celebrate their father or father figure in their life. I love my papa dearly, he is seriously the most selfless, loving, and understanding man on the planet and I could never hope to have a better dad. Sadly Father's day for my family on my dad's side will always be a bit hard to celebrate, since my cousin passed away two years ago this past Thursday from a 5 year on and off again battle with cancer. His passing was(is) still hard for my family as it was around Father's Day, so my beloved grandpa, who was basically his father, takes my cousins passing very hard this time of year.  We all try extra hard to keep everyone happy around this week, especially my grandpa. And what better way to occupy ones mind than to enjoy America's favorite past time, baseball.
So off we went to spend a hot afternoon amidst a full crowd in the glorious old stadium in L.A. cheering on the Dodgers. My family ate delicious sandwiches from our favorite family deli, drank ice cold lemonade and soda, had some good old peanuts and witnessed a loss . . . again. I swear I never see a win but at least this time I got to watch two home runs back to back and had my family laughing at the fact I may be a jinx. I'm still holding on to the claim that I'm not a jinx, buuut thus far the record is not in my favor. Either way I got a chance to take some great shots of the ball park and enjoy the game with my family all around.

Also I shot this quickly in passing on the drive into the stadium's hills entrance area. It's kind hard to describe, but if you've never been to Dodger stadium basically you drive up a valley to get to it and pass bridges and freeways along the way to get into the stadium that was a ravine once a upon a poor time. (another story for another time) Well I quickly tried grabbing a quick shot of Downtown cause it is just so close but I missed. Anyways, after messing with the photo I realized it reminded me of one of my favorite artists, Edward Hopper. Can you see the resemblance?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

California Palms

One of my dear college friends was from Washington, she once told me that one of her favorite things about choosing California for college was seeing palm trees. For a girl coming from a very green tree filled state it was kind of funny to hear her say palm trees were her favorite. For me they aren't the most impressive tree I've seen in ever or in California, but I must say they do photograph pretty well. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

I Spy

Walking towards or away from some place I can't recall, but when I look at this photo I remember the countless hours spent walking the streets of London with my friends getting acquainted with city and it's countless landmarks. Especially Big Ben, which I never failed to look for amongst our traveling about, I'd always try and take a quick pic of any chance I got.